Love is not always forever

Written by Tanya Sahil

At some or the other point in one’s life in the corner of your heart there comes a feeling wherein you dedicate yourself for that one special person where you not only think about the person mostly but eventually live in it. This beautiful feeling is what we call LOVE…which is beyond any description and can be limitless.

Having experienced love personally I feel ‘love is strange’. It does give meaning to your life. With the legendary examples of Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha and many more one thing is evident that love demands patience,sacrifices,compromises,dedication and yes time. When your special someone goes onto the limit of making you feel SPECIAL that amazing feeling cannot be described in mere words but can only be felt. A true retaliation from the one you love is not just fascinating but immensely soothing.

In the words of National bestseller writer Ravinder Singh, ‘ Not everyone has  the right to taste the fullest form of love some are born just to taste the abbreviation of it’. When you truly love someone you don’t expect. All you want is to see your loved one happy. And not everyone understands this and nor you are able to make others understand. One sided love is painful and this pain goes unseen and unnoticed. It is a kind of fight with one’s own feelings,thoughts and with the world who has nothing to do but keep on giving their unasked suggestions and examples.

Love is beyond imperfections where you don’t see an individual’s caste, creed, race, colour and religion or nation boundaries. You simply love which just happens which does not need any explanation or any justification. And trust me you don’t need to. It is one of the strongest emotion, deepest feeling and undying belief. Love is a beautiful feeling. Fall for it and experience it. Of course as we say life is not a bed of roses it does have thorns same is the case when you fall for someone it does bring happiness in your life but at the same time you do experience a tinch of pain. It is not necessary that if you love someone the person reciprocates the same way. No matter what accept everything graciously. Things will take place and will happen in a right time.


Har kisiko mukammaml jahan nahi milta. Kisiko zameen kisiko assman nahi milta.


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