I find a woman sexy & I tell her the same

Written by Apeksha Deep

Days amidst all the allegations and accusations the ‘accused’ Arunabh Kumar finally speaks up and has his take. Arunabh Kumar is a renowned face, the Founder and Chief Experiment Officer (CEO) Of ‘The Viral Fever’. Under the pseudonym ‘Indian Fowler’ a female staffer who was associated with the TVF posted a blog accusing Arunabh Kumar of making sexual advances and several attempts to exploit her. This went viral and social media responded both positively and negatively. With everyone having said their part Arunabh Kumar much latterly said to a leading daily, ‘I am a heterosexual, single man & when I find a woman sexy, I tell her she is sexy. I compliment women. Is that wrong?’

Well, frankly Arunabh could have come up with a better justification or an explanation. With whatever you said it is as lame and baseless as we say, ‘Boys will be boys’ or ‘Men will be men’ throwback. When you are in a certain PROFESSIONAL set up there are some basic ground rules and expected CODE OF CONDUCT which am quite sure you are definitely not unaware. When you are at a ‘Workplace’ you are expected to work and you are there to work and bound to work. Of course, you need to keep things at ease and maintain jovial and healthy relationships with your colleagues. Even if you are complementing there is a certain way of doing and saying it. How often have you complimented your MALE associates as, ‘you look sexy’. Not even once, Right? When you are in a professional set up or at a workplace you are there to work. To do the same work which is expected of an Individual and not based on your gender.

It is not about being a MAN or a WOMAN. It is about of the simple fact that, ‘She is your COLLEAGUE’ first and a women later. It is high time for self-introspection and questioning oneself that “How many times a male have been made Uncomfortable in the very same Professional set up?” or a female colleague of yours have complemented you on your sexuality. ‘You look sexy or hot’ are nowhere professionally spoken, it is highly unprofessional and unethical. A Woman’s work has got nothing to do with the physical and bodily presence. Stop OBJECTIFYING WOMEN not only at Workplaces but everywhere.




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